Keith and Jan Wheeler

         Way back in time my wife, Jan, and I went to Hammersmith College of Art & Building - Jan in the art dept. and me in the the building dept.  Jan became an art teacher and I worked initially in  architecture/surveying.


          I also did photography and later ran my own photography studio doing all the usual work of a high street business - portraits, commercial, aerial and the inevitable weddings. I undertook all black & white darkroom work (although colour went off to colour labs), In addition I produced fine art photographs.

           Jan taught at local authority evening classes as well as selling her own work. By the early 1980's we ended up selling through exhibition/galleries and extensively at craft events, large agricultural shows etc. Over the years we have moved through several subjects and styles - wildlife, medieval themed work, landscapes, early motoring and so on. Consequently we have a wide selection of subjects, so we have a good selection of work to choose from.

Keith Wheeler

Oh, the Quick Brown Dog? That is Jade our dog - being a lurcher she is very quick!